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From "My Baas and I"

This story is set in a time in South Africa when the injustice of Apartheid was very much an entrencged reality, and some farm workers had no idea that any other reality could exist. The dominant hierarchy of “white superiority” was unquestioned in some rural areas. This is to explore the power dynamic between an older white farmer and his younger, black farm worker. This story may offend some, but it doesn’t reflect my own (non-racist) views at all. Also please note it further pushes the boundaries of taboo by depicting sex between an adult and a minor. 


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When I entered and my footsteps echoed through the empty men’s room, the boots pulled back and the door inched marginally more open. Scared that I might be observed entering an occupied stall, I hastily reversed into the open stall and closed the door behind me. I was startled as two muscular hands grabbed me around the chest and pulled me into a moderately muscular chest that was waiting behind me. A scruffy, stubbly chin started to nuzzle in my neck and I struggled to stifle my groans of delight as a warm tongue found my ear. A husky voice breathed into it...

He pulled the hat up a fraction and exposed his shaved eyebrows. 

"I got into the first team," he muttered.

I laughed quietly and asked, "Is that all they shaved?"

"No," he chuckled and pulled the beanie further up to show me his bald head.

I also chuckled. 

"And...?" I raised the stakes as I raised my eyebrows and nodded at his crotch that nestled between his chunky thighs in his denim shorts. I didn’t think the question was out of place as I was alluding to a practice that was common in hazing all over the western world.

He went bright red and shook his head. He sat up out of his relaxed position and put his beanie in his lap as if to hide the embarrassment of his shaved pubic area. 

Finally, as was hauling out my iPhone to lambast my assistant, a battered pickup truck appeared in a cloud of dust. A scruffy face with impertinent blue eyes peered out above the elbow that stuck out of the front window through the sandy billows his skidding stop had created. I opened my mouth to protest at the waste of my time and promptly choked on the mouthful of sand that I inhaled. 

The apparition that greeted my watering eyes as I recovered set me off anew. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his jeans, which already hung well below the waist line, were open to the eruption of pubic hair that threatened to escape the confines of the already undone jeans. His gaudy belt jangled insolently as he bent over me to administer a solid slap to the back. 

"You OK there pardner?" he guffawed jovially.

"Son, I am a 45 year old straight man. I have been married to your mother for 23 years. She and I are very happy, but we have not had sex in a long time. The reason is that I have had the hots for you, Pierre, my 19-year-old son, since you were 14. When you hit puberty, it was as if you suddenly came into focus for me. I loved you while you were growing up, and took good care of you. But when I started to *smell* you, that you were no longer a simple child, something changed in me... I WANTED you in a way I had never wanted anyone before. And I still want you. I want to touch you and hold you in a way that is not right for me to want... Oh God, Pierre, I wish..."


No way I would have pegged things to work out this way. My fucking parents chose a shit time to get killed in a car crash. It’s like they picked this moment to fuck up my life and saddle me with a burden that would nail my foot to the floor in a little shit hole in the Free State when I was just ready to spread my wings and fly the fucking coup. 

I sat across from the little shit in the bus. His name is Shawnie. Shawnie. I ask you. What kind of a dumb-ass name was Shawnie? At 14 he was a scrawny little sucker. Yeah he was my “brother” that I didn’t know I had, until a week ago.

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Ex-gay and pastor, and I wanna fuck my youth leader. What could possibly go wrong?

It's the 80's in Apartheid South Africa and I'm gay, and in the Army. Big Mistake!

Themes of incest, urination and adultery