Spare parts 3

The elevator opened into the spacious lounge of my penthouse apartment on the top floor of one of the most expensive buildings in New York. The 180 degree view spread from side to side and was breathtaking to say the least.

“Holy cow! Why do you drive a Mini if you can afford something like this?”

“It’s an investment, and a car is an expense,” I chuckled and blushed again with pleasure. I was proud of my place and looked for every opportunity to show it off, not as an object of prestige, but as a thing of beauty, which is what it was.

I was standing next to him admiring the view and suddenly there was an electricity between us. He put his hand out – both our eyes on the gorgeous view – and took hold of mine. My heart fluttered and I was lightheaded. This was totally fucked up… how could I be feeling like this about a guy, and a Grease Monkey, no less?  Steve’s hand gripped mine and his fingers were sure and strong. He pulled me around and looked into my eyes. All my reservations vanished when I looked into the clear blue pools.

“Jonty Cravin, I’ve been thinking about you all week. The reason I didn’t just throw you over the desk last time I saw you – “

“ – was because there was so much shit all over it I would have injured myself,” I finished his sentence.

We looked at each other and burst out laughing. When we calmed down, with tears running down our faces, we just stood there looking at each other. His cheeks were flushed with mirth and he still had a silly grin on his dial. It slowly faded. Steve shook his head minutely and looked down towards his shoes.

“Whaaaat?” I asked, dipping my head to try and catch his eye under his fringe.

“Nothing. It’s stupid. You’ll think I’m a sap.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“The reason I didn’t nail you when I last saw you was because… because…”

“Steve, you’re killing me here, get on with it!”

“I think you’re too good for just a fuck. I want more for you – from you… See what I mean? It’s silly.”

It was my Grease Monkey’s turn to blush.

“No it’s not silly. Look, I’ve gotta shower, and then we can go grab that beer. We’re getting much too serious here, for fuck’s sake! Grab yourself something cold from the bar. I’ll be back soon!”

When I got back ten minutes later feeling much fresher he was standing on the deck outside. The wind was blowing his perfectly too-long hair all over the place and he had his hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched. 

“Hey, Grease Monkey, you still wanna grab a beer?

“Fuck, yeah! See if you can stop me!”

We took the elevator down to the ground floor and I hailed a cab. I didn’t want to worry about parking or DUI, if that should happen. Steve had insisted he choose the venue so he instructed the cab driver to take us to the destination. It wasn’t nearby, and I was glad because in that area there wouldn’t be anything real enough to just kick back and drink a few.

Typically the place was called O’ Hogans and it looked like I might be slightly overdressed for the joint. I’d tried to tone it down but there was no way I was going to appear in public being anything less than presentable. Steve cleaned up well and I didn’t want him to be ashamed of me either. We found a booth near the back of the joint and Steve went to the bar to get our drinks. I admired the way his ass undulated in the tight jeans as he walked off and I was struck again by just how weird this whole fucking thing was. 

I’d texted my girlfriend to tell her I was having a beer with my mechanic to say thanks for a job well done and she’d flashed back with “WHAT? Will I see you tonight?” I was honest when I replied “Don’t know. Why don’t you call a friend and have a good time? I’ll see you tomorrow.” The silence on the other side was telling but I wasn’t going to apologise for having a life. We were only casually seeing each other anyway and there was a whole queue where she came from. Shit! I sounded like an asshole, even to me.

When Steve came back with our beers, he sauntered towards me with a knowing smile on his scruffy-sexy dial. He slid in across from me and pushed my beer over towards me. He leaned towards me and lifted his bottle up for a toast. I did the same.

“To ‘interesting’ times.”

I klinked my bottle to his and we both took a swig. I was really curious about this guy. He was sexy enough to make me wanna have sex with a man, something that I’d never contemplated. I can hear you say, 'yeah, sure' but Steve did something to me that no other guy had. I wasn’t some closet case that had secretly been fantasising about men when I boned my girlfriend. I had never played around with my friends at school, had never secretly wanted to ogle boys in the locker room and imagine what it would be like to touch their dicks or kiss them or anything.

*Author’s Note*


“So, Steve, are you really straight? How many times have you slept with guys?”

“To be honest, I am omnisexual. I will fuck a coconut if it will get me off. I have no preferences. One thing I will say: I would only fuck a very sexy coconut. Even a slut like me has some standards. That’s why it’s so weird that I missed an opportunity to get into your sexy pants. You are easily the hottest guy I have ever seen.”

He lifted his bottle at me, his sexy dark eyebrows arched into his hairline, and he nodded sagely.

“I must be getting soft or something.”

“So do you have a girlfriend? Or a mrs. Grease Monkey waiting patiently at home for her rogue dick-slash-assflasher? You gotta know that your pubic hair in my face that first time was not something that I expected to see, and also not your ass hanging out of your pants.”

“I like to be comfortable. Plus, it levels the playing field. If somebody has a stick up their ass,” and he nodded in my direction, “then this is going to give me the edge. I don't have time to fuck around. Life is too short for games.” He leaned back against the seat and I felt his shoe nudge mine. My dick twitched immediately. Then he lifted his foot up, all the while holding my gaze, and slid it in between my legs. His heel was up against my balls and he put pressure on them. Instantly I started getting hard.

“What about you, Jonty Cravin? What’s your story? Have you ever swung both ways?”

I gave him the short answer.

"Not until now."

"So you're thinking about it?"

"Duh! You had your tongue halfway down my gullet and I've had my hand around your dick –" yeah I blushed (again) " – and I don't think I'd have tried to stop you if you'd nailed my ass last week." The last part I said barely above a whisper. The joint was quite full and the Friday afternoon crowd was rowdy, so there was little danger that we'd be heard and I wasn't so sure that I felt comfortable even saying it out loud.

"You have no idea how hard it was pulling back and calling it off. Touching you makes me lose my mind." His foot momentarily disappeared from my balls and then returned and he'd taken his shoe off and his socked foot was massaging my crotch. I decided to cast caution to the winds and undid my belt, and pulled my dick over my zip so he had access to my whole package in my undies.

"Getting brave, are we?"

"Yeah," I said and took my own shoe off and did the same as he was doing. Except I hadn't worn any socks in my loafers so my naked foot connected with his … COCK … as he wasn't wearing any underpants! I almost pulled my foot away but he caught hold of it and crushed it against his groin. So I slid my foot up and down his clearly uncircumcised penis and just enjoyed the feel of the supple skin covering the hard shaft and the awesome feeling of his curly pubes against the sole of my foot.

"You'd better be careful, you horny fucker, or I'll cover your foot with spunk..."

To my horror he beckoned the waitress over to take another order. We both leaned forward so she couldn't see our laps.

"What'll you have Mate, same again?"

I was struggling to make my tongue work so I just nodded. I must have looked like a guilty schoolboy cos she just looked at me with a question on her face and went off to fill our order.

"Are you fucking insane, man?" I laughed, looking at him like he was an axe murderer.

“Let’s say I enjoy a little ‘spice’ in life.”

The waitress appeared and delivered our drinks. I struggled to keep a straight face as I felt Steve's toes wriggle against my hardon. I was doing my best to make him drop his pose but to no avail. He just took a few bills out of his wallet and paid the lady. 

“Can you come back in about half an hour and take a snacks order, please?” he asked as if nothing was happening below the table. If he carried on like this I was gonna blow my load all over his sock.

“Sure thing,” she answered and left us alone.

There was a bunch of rough guys at the bar not far from us and I saw one of them keep looking over at us.

“Hey Steve, that one biker is giving us the eye. Maybe we should stop?”

“What we’re doing is nothing to do with him or anybody else, and besides, he’s probably only jealous that I am hooking up with the prettiest boy in the room. Seriously, if I had to stop having fun because somebody might not approve, I’d never have any fun cos most of my fun is just a little bit … out there, shall we say? I love public sex.”

“You do? Tell me about the riskiest public sex you’ve ever had?” I decided not to bother about the biker for now and gave Steve my full attention.

“Well, that’s a hard one cos I’ve done it in some pretty rad places. I think the riskiest one must be when I boned my date behind a pillar next to the dance floor at a charity ball we were attending. I was behind her and the lights were low, I have to admit, but it was something else. I had to fuck her in the ass because of the angle.”

“Jesus, Steve, how did that work out?”

“Quite well, actually, cone of the waiters saw us and was so turned on that he let me fuck him in the toilets just after. All in all it was a good night.”

On the one hand I was turned on by his daring attitude to sex but one the other I didn’t just want to be one of his hot stories. He noticed something was up when I took my foot down off from his balls.

“What’s the matter Jonty?” I was doing up my pants, and he could also feel that I was no longer there for him to fondle.

“I gotta go and take a leak. I’ll be right back.”

“Sure buddy, don’t get lost, now!”

I went off to the gents which was to the left of the bar. The room was pretty busy when I walked in. There were three guys at the three urinals so I chose one of the three stalls. I left the door open so when I unzipped and took out my penis, which was still a little inflated from the play with Steve, anybody could see the stall was occupied. 

I undid my belt and top button and zip and pulled my cock and balls out over my underwear. I looked at my dick which was still pretty heavy from all the excitement with Steve. I sighed with pleasure as I emptied my bladder. The roar of the urine hitting the water was a welcome sound. In a male toilet there was no need to disguise it and it was quite freeing to be able to just thunder without thinking about who might be listening. I was sure that Steve didn’t ever bother about small issues like that and would just piss and be damned. A faint smile played on my face as I thought of him. I didn't notice that the room was pretty much empty now. The rush had subsided.

“So where’s your boyfriend, pretty boy? You done playing footsie footsie under the table now?”

The voice was right in my ear and I didn’t have to look to know that it was the biker that had been eyeing us while Steve and I chatted and fondled each other. His voice was gruff and mean and I knew that he wasn’t just making conversation. I knew I should keep my mouth shut but fuck me if i didn’t think that I was better than him and I was used to making that much clear.

“Get the fuck away from me you dumb dick, I’m taking a piss here!” I didn’t try and keep my voice down cos if there was anybody else in here I wanted them to know what was going on. 

“Shut your fucking cakehole, FAGGOT, until I give you something to put in it.”

I could hear him undoing his belt behind me and I knew that unless something happened to interrupt it, I was about to be raped at worst, or forced to suck his disgusting prick at best. He was right up close to me and his beard was tickling my ear. With one swift movement he had my pants down around my thighs and he was working his fat ugly finger into my ass while he held me around the torso with his right arm. He was far too strong for me to overpower. I remembered seeing that he was built like a brick shithouse and he towered above me by at least a head.

“Nice little man-pussy needs some attention, doesn’t it? All wet for your blonde poofter boy, right? Well let a real man show you what’s what.”

He was viciously probing between my ass cheeks and his strong, thick fingers were working their way into my anus without any lube. As I tried to struggle he bit me in the neck and I knew it would bruise, if not bleed. Bizarrely, I could smell his breath and it was fresh and minty. (Put that in an advert for Tic-Tacs) He released my chest and gripped my hair painfully, forcing me forward so my ass spread for his dick. He was going to fuck me raw!

“Make space for a real dick Faggot Boy,” he growled as he started to viciously force his way into my ass.

I knew that whatever I did now, I wasn’t going to get away without some unpleasantness, so I figured that I would make sure that he didn’t get away Scott free. I leaned forward as if to open up for him and then swiftly straightened up and made sure that the back of my head connected forcefully with his face. I HIT him directly on his nose and he went down like a bag of cement. I was more shocked than anybody else would have been when I turned around and saw the huge hairy biker lying on his back with his top half sticking out of the stall, his truly huge and obscenely engorged dick poking out of his fly like a phonographic salami. If it was a comic book there would have been little stars and birdies circling his head.

The door to the men’s burst open and Steve rushed in. He took in the scene and his face went white.

“Oh my God Jonty, are you ok? I saw the fucking lump had disappeared and I knew he was up to no good for sure.” 

Steve rushed over to me and gingerly stepped over the prostrate biker on the floor.

“What the fuck did you do to him?” I was trying to pull up my pants and rub the back of my head at the same time. He took me in his arms and held me to his chest like I was the most precious thing, so I left my pants down for the moment. It was the first time I was so close to him without a boner.

“God, I’m so relieved you’re ok!” He pulled back slightly and kissed me on the mouth, no tongue, I’m relieved to say, because the last thing I wanted to do now was h do anything sexual.

“Jesus, if anything had happened to you, I would have blamed myself forever.” He put his hand under my chin and tilted my head up and looked searchingly into my eyes.

“Are you ok, Jonty – are you hurt? Did the dumb fuck hurt you?”

“I‘m not sure. He was pretty rough... back there, you know? So would you mind taking a look for me?”

“Are you sure? I think maybe we should just get you to the emergency so they can do a proper check.”

“No, he didn’t manage to get it in, but I think his nail might have nicked me or something, when he was fingering me.” I listened to myself discuss the details of my almost-rape as if I was talking about somebody else.

“Sure Baby – ” (did he really just call me ‘Baby?)  “ – let me just drag the stupid fuck outta here and close the door.” 

He did just that and then gently turned me around to face the wall behind the porcelain. I put my hand against it and leaned forward for the second time that day. He bent down behind me and gently parted my buns to look at my asshole. For a moment I regretted not just going to see my doctor, since this was really a very private matter, but somehow I trusted Steve, the mechanic who fixed a hole in my Baby’s sump, to fix my asshole.

His hands were oh-so-gentle and his fingers pulled the lips of my virgin asshole open to look. He said nothing.

“Am I bleeding or something?” There was real worry in my voice.

“No, Baby, I’m just looking at the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I just want to put my mouth on it and kiss it better – Shit!”

“What’s the matter, is it broken? Did you find something?” I felt my stomach lurch.

No, I’m sorry Jonty, that’s inappropriate, since you were almost just raped.”

I felt him start to get up.

“Wait –” I found myself saying. “Do it.”

“What? What are you saying, Jonty?”

“Do… what you said.”

“You want me to kiss your asshole? You sure?”

“Yeah – I want to forget what it felt like when he was forcing me. I want a better feeling there.”

Steve didn’t say anything, but just sank to his knees. I felt his breath stir the hair on my buns as his face approached my ass. Once again he pulled my cheeks apart and his warm breath bathed my hole. Very gently he put his tongue to the area directly around it and started to lick and soothe with his tongue. Tingles spread from my asshole right down my thighs and into the root of my cock and balls.

“Oh God, that feels so good, Steve. More!” I let go on the wall in front of me and put my hands back to stretch my buns apart so he could get better access.

“Yeah, Baby, open up for me.”

Now Steve put his whole mouth to my hole and started to french kiss my anus as if it were the sweetest lips in the world. I could feel my ass relax and I knew that I had to have him in there, if not right away, sometime. As if in answer, he gently started to push his pointed tongue into my hole and I felt my insides go soft to welcome him in.

“I’m just gonna stick a finger in there to make sure nothing is out of place, is that OK, Baby?” His voice was soft and coaxing and he didn’t wait for an answer because my ass did the talking. I heard him slurp at his finger and then I felt the first tentative brushes down over my pulsing portal, which sent such a rush of blood to my already throbbing cock that I felt I would pass out. 

When his finger entered me and started to massage my colon from the inside I gasped, shocked at the pleasure that I felt.

“All seems in order here, Jonty. I think we should take this party home, don’t you?”

I heard him stand up and he gently pulled my pants up, tucked dick into my pants, zipped me up and turned me around. He kissed my mouth with such tenderness that I felt I would black out with desire.

‘God, what have I gotten myself into?’

Whatever it was, I knew it was too late to turn back now.