Jamie Goes Greek on Me 6

chapter 6

A Skeleton In The Closet


Stephan’s voice, although gentle and kind, the way it always was, reverberated like thunder in the dimly lit room. Both Jamie and I turned to look at the door, which was behind us to our right. Relief flooded me as I realised he had not put his head in the door, but had only opened it enough to announce his presence. Typically, Stephan had considered his son first, not presuming to violate his privacy in any way.

“Come in Dad,” said Jamie, relief evident in his voice.

“Can I put the light on?” Stephan asked, not waiting for an answer.

He walked around us towards the curtains, looked like he was considering opening them, but thought better of it and just sat down on the chair by Jamie’s desk.

Jamie and I sat on the side of the bed and I still had my left arm around his shoulder. My right hand still held his in his lap. It was clear to everybody that Stephan had caught us doing something and I waited for him to bust us. Instead, typically Stephan, he did the opposite.

“Jamie, are you ok?” 

Jamie nodded, still sniffing from the tremendously draining cry he’d just had. He cleared his throat and tried unsuccessfully to articulate any words. I answered on his behalf.

“He’s fine, Steph, he’s just a little overwrought. He’s just realizing some heavy stuff about himself and it’s taken a lot out of him.” 

Jamie nodded and Stephan smiled an understanding smile.

“Oh, trust me, I get it…” He paused. I looked at him and the expression on his face told me he was making a decision about something. Then he carried on.

“Did I ever tell either of you about my uncle Stavros?”

Jamie tried to pull his hand out of mine but I held on to it. Stephan looked down at our hands and a mischievous smile touched his lips.

“Uh, yes dad…wasn’t he like a favourite uncle or something like that?” Jamie stammered, trying to orientate himself after the intense emotions he had experienced only minutes before.

“ ‘Or something like that…’ ” Stephan said, and his eyes got hazy with a memory. There was a long pause and Jamie and I waited. Stephan shook his head slightly and returned to the present.

“Why are your curtains closed, Jamie?” 

The question sounded innocent enough, but I felt a cold, clammy sweat appear on my forehead.

“Uh…no reason, dad, I just didn’t want Dave or Ella to be able to disturb us…Unca D is here to help me through some stuff and they wouldn’t understand.”

There was another long silence as Jamie and I waited for Stephan to say something. I felt, more than saw Jamie turn his head towards me, so I turned to look at him. His eyebrows, such as they were, were raised and his eyes were big. An unspoken question passed between us and I pulled my shoulders up in a shrug that showed that I somehow couldn’t imagine this could be going where we suspected it was.

Finally Jamie broke the silence. Realization colored his voice with wonder.

“But you do understand, Dad, don’t you?” Jamie pulled his hand out of mine and put his arm around my neck. 

Stephan’s face cracked into a sad smile.

“I do, my Boy.” 

There was a beautiful mixture of sadness and pleasure in his eyes.

“I was about your age, Jamie. I had known your mom for about three months. She was fourteen when I met her and I was seventeen. I was very different then. I was very wild.” 

He chuckled.

“But when I met your mom I was done for. We met at a friend’s house. She was his sister’s friend and we weren’t even supposed to talk to them because we were such brekers (thugs). But so help me, when she and her friend walked through the lounge where we were sitting and I saw her…” His eyes gleamed. I knew that he was passionately in love with Jamie’s mom, Desie (short for Desiree). 

“I wanted to meet with her to get to know her but there was no chance of that. I was devastated and I turned to my uncle Stavros. He was a wise man who knew how to deal with romantic problems…

“One day I met with him to talk to him about how to try and arrange to get time alone with my Desie. My heart was not in a good place. He took me fishing. We went away for a weekend to a favourite spot. We got to talking late at night. We’d had a beer or two. It was very hot and we decided to have a swim in the river to cool down. We didn’t bother to put on swimming gear, just being us two guys, and all.

“Well you can imagine what happened when I got into the river naked. Parts of my body responded in … embarrassing ways. I tried to hide my… myself but Uncle Stavros just laughed. He said I should be proud of myself and that he found my body to be quite beautiful…”

Stephan was blushing most attractively.

“What happened then, Dad?” Jamie asked, his voice breathless.

“Uncle Stavros led me out of the water by my hand and took me to sit by the fire. He started to tell me about a very old tradition among the ancient Greeks. Do you remember, Jamie, you asked me about this? Dee, do you know about this tradition? An older man loves a teenage boy, teaching him about the way of the body in love and life—about the heart.

“That night Jamie, Uncle Stavros made me his boy. We were together for two years, while I waited until your mom was old enough to become my girlfriend.”

There was a long silence. Jamie and I looked at Stephan as he struggled to say what came next.

“We were intimate. We made love in a beautiful and passionate way and he taught me how to respect the person that I was with and to love with my heart first and then my body. He was my first lover. I loved him completely -- ”

Jamie and I were both shocked to see tears stream down his dad’s handsome cheeks. He sat like that for quite some time, the memory of his lover surfacing, perhaps after having been shelved for a long time. But his next words proved me wrong.

“I think of Uncle Stavros every day, Jamie. He guided me and supported me and loved me in the most important time in my life and I don’t think I would have been half the man I am today if I hadn’t been his Greek Boy.”

“What are you saying, Daddy?”

Instead of answering his son, Stephan looked at me. His voice was neutral.

“Dee, am I right in assuming that this is what is between you and my son?”

“Um…well, kind of.” 

After the gracious description Stephan had given of his relationship with his uncle, ours sounded a little more base than noble.

“There’s not much mentoring happening at the moment. All I can think of at the moment, pretty much, is, well…”

Jamie and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Both of us were blushing furiously. The look in Stephan’s eyes was knowing to say the least.

“I remember how it was.” He seemed to search for words. 

“Uncle Stavros knew my body better than I did. He knew exactly how to make me…” He paused for a long time. At last it seemed as if he came to some silent decision. 

“Remember, I only became a pastor much later. That first night by the river… once I saw Uncle Stavros looking at my boner with those …knowing eyes…I wanted him to touch me. My body…my penis …my …dick …” I heard Jamie gasp, “…wanted to know what he had in mind. 

“He put a big blanket out on the grass. The evening was warm and there was a gentle breeze blowing that dried us off without making us cold. Uncle Stavros’ body was covered in thick fur. I wanted to know what it felt like to be held in his arms. I had no idea why such a thought would come to me. I wasn’t …gay… or anything. I didn’t even mess around with my friends the way I knew some of them did, just to get off. He led me over to the blanket and gently pushed me down. Then he lay down next to me and just looked at me. Like you, Jamie, I was a beautiful boy.” 

He must have seen shock on Jamie’s face ‘cos he smiled. 

“Yes my boy, I can see you are beautiful and I’m sure that Uncle D has told you. When Uncle Stav told me I was beautiful…it felt like the whole world was right with me.” 

Jamie squeezed my hand and turned to look at me. Without thinking I leaned in and kissed him gently. We both caught ourselves and quickly looked at Stephan. He had a brilliant smile on his face and his eyes shone with joy.

“Just like that, Jamie. He made me feel just like that!” 

Jamie slowly got up and walked over to his dad and bent down to hug him. Stephan put his arms around his son. And I could see the love surrounding them like a palpable force. Jamie came back to me and sat on my lap with his arms around my neck. The feeling of his plump, muscled bottom on my lap started to give me a boner. He felt it immediately and started to wriggle his ass to feel it better.

“Hey guys, keep it clean! ‘Dad here’, just saying!”

“Tell us more Dad!” 

“You realize that nobody ever knew about this, and that nobody must know about me and Uncle Stav, and nobody must know about the two of you! They just wouldn’t understand…”

“Yeah, I get that much. I want to talk to you about Joanne.” 

She was my wife and I was feeling very guilty.

“But first tell us more, Dad!”

“Well, where was I?” 

Stephan’s eyes twinkled with glee as he stoked Jamie’s anticipation a bit.

“You wanted to be held in Uncle Stav’s arms. What did he do first?” 

His voice was hushed with awe.

“Oh yes…Uncle Stav didn’t do anything for a while. He just talked to me about men and boys in Greek tradition. He told me that he had been watching me for a while and that he loved me very much. I knew that because he had always spent time with me since I was a little boy, and I knew that he always had my back.”

Jamie turned towards me again and kissed my cheek.

“I always knew that about you too, Unka D, when I was with you I always knew that I was safe. I don’t know why.”

“I’ve always loved you Jamie, I also don’t know why.” 

Jamie’s arms around my neck got tighter and our cheeks pressed tightly against each other’s. We turned back to Stephan when he carried on.

“Uncle Stav asked me eventually if I wanted him to show me how much he liked me by touching me. I didn’t wait for him to do it. I pulled my naked body and my cock, which was leaking by now, against his warm furry body because I started to feel a little cold. He put his arms around me and I never felt so safe before or since. My dad never hugged me much—that’s just the way it was—but uncle Stavros had always spent a lot of time hugging me. But this time it was different.”

“Dad, can I ask you something, and you mustn’t think bad of me…”

“Sure, Son, whatever you want. Oh, you want to know what Uncle Stav’s penis looked like…”

“How did you know, Dad??!!”

“Trust me, I know. Jamie… this is really personal, so forget for a moment, that I’m your dad. On second thoughts, no, no, don’t. I’m your dad and I loved a man and I know you love Uncle D and I want to speak to you like an equal. Uncle Stav had a very thick, veiny uncut cock that I loved to suck…but I’m getting ahead of myself here.”

“One more thing, Dad!”

“Ok, Son, what…oh, you want to know if I swallowed his cum?”

“How did you know?” Jamie asked in awe.

“Yes I did, Son, and I loved it. It was thick and he came a lot!”

“Wow,” was all Jamie could manage.

“To continue: He just held me in his arms for a long time and whispered in my ear how much he loved me and loved my body.” 

Stephan’s voice was warm with nostalgia. 

“I remember how awesome it felt to be pressed against his manly body. He started stroking down my back and when his fingers reached my butt I remember that I couldn’t stop myself from pressing my ass into his hands. I was hungry. That’s the only way I can explain it.” 

We both saw him blush bright red.

“It’s ok Dad, I know exactly what you mean. It’s like I need Unka D inside of me to make me more…myself…” 

“You do understand, Jamie…” Stephan said with wonder in his voice.

“Anyway, he stroked my butt and I pushed my ass to meet his hands. He told me to wait; there would be plenty of other times for that. Then he kissed me…” Stephan’s voice caught in his throat and for a long moment there was only the sound of him trying to control his breathing. When finally he had calmed himself he continued.

“…the thought of kissing a man had never, ever entered my mind. I hadn’t even kissed that many girls before although everybody thought that I was a player because the girls liked me so much. But when Uncle Stav kissed me… you’ve heard that song that says something like ‘you stay kissed,’? 

We all laughed.

Jamie’s voice was full of mirth. “Yeah, I get that one just too well!” 

We all laughed again.

“Ok, so Uncle Stav kissed me until I couldn’t breathe. In the meantime he got on top of me so our bodies were pressed against each other and our dicks were rubbing against each other. He started to…to fuck against my dick and then…and then we both sprayed our cum all over each other. It was the first time that I came with another person, man or woman—it was so special….so special…” his voice trailed off and he looked at the two of us with such fondness and dare I say it? Envy.

“Ok, that’s all you need to know about me and Uncle Stav. Oh except for one thing. How did it end? Well, at last, when your mom was 16 and I was 19, we finally started dating, and Uncle Stav said that I was a man now and that I needed to focus on being with her. We ended it one weekend by the river where it started. We made love more times than I can remember and when it was over, it felt right.

“Uncle Stav and I saw each other every time the family met, and it was never weird. We still chatted and he was still special to me but I knew that I wasn’t into other men, or even into him, like that, any more. But those two years with Uncle Stav were so important to me. The times he spent with me were special and he taught me about life and honour and relationships. It was amazing to see things through his wise eyes.”

“Ok,” I said after we had all taken in the wonder of the story that Stephan had shared with us “so where does that leave us? I have a wife, and I’m not sure what this is from my side. I wonder if what I feel towards Jamie falls into the same category as you and your Uncle? To me it feels real.”

“Oh it’s real, alright,” Stephan said, “but Uncle Stav made it clear to me that the relationship had an expiry date, or at least the sexual version of it. We were close until he died about two years ago.”

“What if me and Unka D don’t wanna end it like you guys did?” 

There was fear in Jamie’s voice. 

“What if we want to carry on, and not stop?”

“Well, Dee, you have to decide what this means for your relationship with Jo’, and if you are prepared to either carry it on behind Jo’s back, or if you want to divorce her and be with Jamie… 

“Jamie, if you’re actually gay, then I won’t reject you, don’t worry. But tell me this: how do you feel about Nadine?”

Jamie turned to me and looked into my eyes. He said the words to me, not to his dad. There was real fear there, that I would be disappointed with his answer.

“I want her to love me and I want to marry her… is that ok Unka D?”

“Of course, Baby Boy,” I said and there was a question in my eyes when I looked at Stephan.

“Uncle Stav also used to call me that. ‘mo̱ró agóri’.” 

He was smiling.

“Jamie, if that is what you want, then that’s how it will be,” I said gently. “When you feel like it’s time, you’ll know. Until such time I will be here for you, in any way you want me to be.” 

I leaned into his ear and whispered so his dad couldn’t hear. 

“Anyway, you still have to learn to fuck somebody gently and with love and you haven’t had the chance to do that with me yet!”

“Now, now, boys, no private conversations! I’ve been open with you and I expect the same from you!” he said laughingly.

“I was just saying that I would like him to…penetrate me too. I think that it's important for a man to be a gentle and sensitive lover although I’m not sure I want him to be gentle!”

“Yes, Uncle Stavros insisted that I do him as well, although it was hard for me to imagine it at first. He was such a manly guy. But once I got a taste of it I did it every chance I got!”

“You ready Unka D?” Jamie asked, looking deep into my eyes. 

“You ready for this monster?”

“JAMIE, Jamie! Whoa!” His dad protested, “remember ‘Dad this side,’ sheesh!  Keep it for your private time!”

“Ok, Dad, then, can you leave us alone now please? Unka D and I have some stuff to ‘discuss’.”

Stephan made a big show of getting up out of Jamie’s chair. He clearly had a big lump in his pants. He stood for a moment right in front of us, with his obvious erection at our eye level. 

“Let me go and find my wife. I have somebody that needs to talk to her.” 

He shook his package at us. 

Jamie acted shocked. 

“Hey Dad, ‘son here,’ remember? Anyway, TMI, sheesh!”

Stephan just grinned.

“Now back to being a ‘man of God’!”

He opened the door to leave us alone. As Jamie and I were about to take advantage of our newfound freedom, he stuck his head back in.

“Nice chat, by the way,” and left, closing the door behind him softly.