Scratching That Itch 5

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I took a deep breath and turned around in his embrace. I felt strength enter me from somewhere.

"Johan, if you are going to date my daughter, this won't happen. I won't do to her what I am doing to my wife. It's either me, or her. Your choice. But you must decide now before this goes too far with her." 

I put my hands on his chest gently and pushed him back. I exited the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I heard his piss thunder into the toilet bowl. 

I realized that if it wasn't me, it would be somebody else. I had to find a way to break off this growing romance between them. I owed it to Abby.

The rest of the evening went well. This guy was obviously a great actor since he didn’t let on at all that he knew me and we somehow kept up the charade together. He was charming and attentive to both Abby and my wife, a typical con-man, I concluded. I couldn't really point a finger at him because it clearly takes one to know one. 

The problem was I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His ready smile, his tight body, his devil-may-care throwaway magnetism. He had all of us in his thrall and he knew it. 

My resolve was hanging by a thread. I knew that The Itch would get the better of me unless I did something about it and it couldn't be with him, of that much I was certain. 

I went to the toilet and took out my phone, hoping to see if I could find the handsome ginger. I sent him a text (his name was Hamish, go figure) and hoped it would bear fruit soon. In the meantime I went on Grindr to see if there was any action there. Nothing.

You should know, if you have never been on Grindr, that the profiles there all profess to be “vers” (versatile) or “top vers”, but most guys are really bottoms. Unless they say “top only” or “strictly top” you can be sure that you can downgrade every position statement by one degree. Vers actually means bottom, and vers top actually means versatile bottom or fully versatile at best. And tonight there was a dearth of tops. 

I changed my profile caption to “toilet fun now” and hoped for the best, thinking what excuse I could make to get away. You can’t rush these things. There are a host of factors at play and it can be extremely time consuming to find a fuck, and hardly ever at short notice.

By this time we are all sitting around the table on the deck and chatting about this and that. Turns out that Johan had been all over the world and had a story to tell about every place he’d been. Every now and then I would try and take a look at my phone without attracting attention. I was the model husband that night, taking stuff to the kitchen at every opportunity, to sneak a quick look at Grindr, hoping I would get lucky. Hamish hadn’t come through for me so far and the few hits that I’d had on Grindr were pic hunters: they wanted to see the goods and at best they reciprocated and left it at that, and at worst they elicited raunchy pics from you and then ghosted you. 

Johan excused himself and went to the loo and I felt my phone buzz. I looked and a faceless profile had messaged me: “Toilet fun, aye? Why not come meet me in YOUR toilet right now? I’ll scratch that itch for you!” The asshole was on Grindr, trolling for ass while he was smiling into the faces of my smitten daughter and thoroughly charmed wife.

I blocked the profile with a heart-wrenching feeling of regret, wishing there was somehow that I could let Abby know what a sacrifice I was making for her. When he returned he gave me a wink when nobody was looking and sat down, carrying on where he had left off.

I was getting desperate. Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

“Darling, we’ve run out of milk and beer. I’m just gonna shoot to Four Square to top up. I won’t be long.”

“No, Kane, let me and Abby go, you stay here,” Johan said and grinned an evil grin at me. 

Luckily my wife was the perfect hostess and came to my rescue.

“No Johan, you sit, I’m very interested in your travels. I was hoping that Abby would get the opportunity to travel sometime soon. She is picking up lots of tips from you, and so am I.”

“Yes, Johan, you’re the guest, I’ll go and do the honours,” I volunteered, and I didn’t miss the evil glint in his eye as he humbly nodded his head.

“Have fun,” he said, and I grabbed my car keys and made my way to the garage.

“Here’s hoping,” I muttered as I started the vehicle. I knew of a public toilet not too far away and was hoping to get lucky. I quickly updated my profile with the park name where the toilet was located and hoped this would get the desired response. Our little town was not the best of hunting grounds generally but it was on a tourist route to the south and sometimes there were entire busloads of tourists that used the facilities.

I first popped into the supermarket and bought milk and beer and then hastened to the public toilet. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time, so it was a long shot that I would get fucked. I had once again lubed my ass just in case so that there was no time wasted.

I parked my car close to the toilet and turned it off. I took my phone out and opened Grindr, hoping that there had been some activity since I had last been on.


“Travelling top, 26” had messaged me. There was no profile pic but the description read “On a bus south looking for fun along the way.”

“You there? Don’t have much time.” he said. There was a cock pic from below and it looked respectable, precum hanging a silvery trail from the tip.

“Me either where are you?”

“In the left toilet. Come in, the door is unlocked”

I got out of my car and approached the left hand door. This is always the tricky bit. I tried the handle and I breathed a sigh of relief as the door opened and I stepped inside, locking it behind me.

“Hey,” the deep voice said behind me as I turned. “Don’t lock, a friend is gonna join us,” he continued.

The young guy that was facing me was not 26. He was young,  maybe 19. He was short and stocky and had his head shaved. He was dressed in a loose, thin pair of track pants, and it was clear that his cock was happy to see me.

“I don’t have a lot of time, how long will he be?” I asked.

My question was answered when the door behind me opened and a rangy teen walked in. 

“Lock the door please,” I said.

“Shut the fuck up,” he hissed and shoved me backwards into the waiting arms of his stocky friend. He was scruffy in the way that I found irresistible, skinny assed and with long boots laced to the knees. He had a tattoo on his cheek of a skull with a big red tear dripping down its bony face.

I didn't have time to think. I felt myself roughly forced to my knees on the cold floor of the toilet, an unfriendly hand in my hair shoving my shocked face into the crotch of the approaching skinhead. At the same moment the door opened again but I couldn't see who it was as my mouth was mashed into the rapidly growing bulge of the man in front of me. I did hear the door being locked.

The teen behind me had removed his cock from his thin sweats and slapped me on the side of the face with his large, pink member. To my right I could just see a pair of jeans being opened to reveal another huge cock, which was unceremoniously forced into my mouth.

"Open up, faggot, your dreams have come true."

There was no preamble. The long shaft was shoved straight into my gullet and the hand on the back of my neck held me there while I fought for breath.

My cock was rock hard.

Long Boots shoved my head back by my hair and spat on my face. Then he slapped my cheek and leaned down and licked me from chin to eye.

“Time for the main event,” he growled and yanked me off Number Three’s cock by the throat.

“Up you get,” he said and spun me around. I was also in sweats and he yanked them down and bent me over forward, straight into Thin Sweats’ cock. The latter tilted my face up and spat in my waiting mouth, and slapped me lightly across the cheek, shoving his fat prick straight down my gullet. I was a little startled when I felt a rough finger enter my hole followed by Number Three’s respectable member.

“We don’t have a lot of time so no mr nice guy,” he said and proceeded to fuck me hard and fast.

I was in heaven, being spitroasted, and every assertive thrust from behind impaled my throat on the beautiful teen dick in front  of me. The fat prick in my bum stretched me open in the most delicious way and there was a loud slapping noise as his hips connected with my grateful butt. With every thrust he yanked me back into him and the impact sent shivers of delicious pleasure through my thighs and groin as he connected with my prostate.

He picked up speed and I could tell he was nearing his climax. With a final grunt he sprayed my insides with his sperm and I felt his cock spasm as he orgasmed. Thin Sweats was also speeding up and as Number Three pulled out, he withdrew his dick from my throat and spun me around, unceremoniopusly entering the slimy cumhole his mate had left. His cock was thicker, and the delicious stretch caused my toes to curl. He launched into my gaping, slime-lubricated hole with delirious abandon, and being shorter than me, thrust upwards into my cummy anus. He picked up speed, and grabbed me by the hair pulling me into him, and with a few short rabbit thrusts, deposited his steaming teen load in my ass. I had been steadily building up a toe curling anal orgasm and ejaculated wildly, my cock spewing the product of the most delicious release all over my shoes and the pants of Number Three who was still slowly jacking his cock in the aftermath of his climax.

In my peripheral vision, Long Boots, who had up to now been strangely absent appeared and as Tracksuit and Three held my head with my mouth open, sprayed his copious load all over my face before shoving his still spasming cock into my throat to finish his orgasm. His sperm was sweet and thick and I was grateful when the other two scooped the load that was glued to my face and over my cheek, into my waiting mouth.

He leaned forward and spat into my open mouth and then frenched me passionately.

"Thanks bottom daddy. That was hot. Maybe we can meet you again on our way back in a few weeks."

I certainly hoped so.

They were zipping up and lighting a cigarette when I got up and washed my face in the hand basin. My ass was radiating a delicious heat from the friction and the deep warmth of  post-fuck languor.

The whole performance had not taken more than 10 minutes and quickly checked myself in my rear view mirror as I started my car. I looked not much the worse for wear. I quickly wiped my face with some scented wet wipes as I stopped in my driveway.

When I walked into the kitchen, after entering through the back door, I found Johan and Abby washing the dishes. He looked at me with a grin, and pointed to my neck. Sure enough there was a globule of cum I had missed. I scooped it up and sucked it off my finger. Luckily Abby had her back to me and turned just as I took my finger out of my mouth. 

"You were gone a long time dad, everything ok?"

"Yup, I just had to make a quick stop at the public toilets. Something didn't agree with me."

Johan grinned and winked.

"Luckily there's always the public facilities in an emergency, right?"

"That's for sure!" I winked back.

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