Scratching That Itch 2

Last time:

“Totsiens,” I though silently to my virile young Afrikaner lover. (Until we see each other again). But of course we would never see each other again. All I would have to remember him by would be the emptiness in my asshole. The itch was well and truly scratched but I became aware, as always, of the deeper itch that was growing inside me. 

That one wouldn’t be so easy to appease.

The rest of that week went by in a blur of tedium. Work did little to alleviate the deadly drudgery of marriage and family that seemed intent on engulfing me in a tide of mind-dulling monotony. The only thing that kept me vaguely sane was the chat on Grindr and keeping an eye out for possible hookups. There were many opportunities but none looked good enough to justify endangering my privacy, and what’s more, the memory of the hot hookup with my Afrikaans hotrod was still too fresh in my mind—and my ass.

I did my job. I was an estate agent and that was how I’d first gotten a taste for male flesh. I’d always secretly wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man. I enjoyed sex with my wife, but it seemed a little…vanilla, if you know what I mean? She was a typical married woman and she’d never had sex with anybody but me. I was ok in bed but I lacked the patience to try and flick all her switches and we were just not… hot together.

I suspected that I would be able to let loose a little if I was with a guy. Anyway it was nothing more than an occasional thought and I made peace with the fact that I was a happily married man, as most of us do. Then one day I was showing an apartment to rent to a young guy. Unusually, the place was empty. Normally we started showing the unit while the outgoing tenant still occupied the place, because it was bad business to have an empty apartment.

But this place was empty because the Landlord had done some much needed repairs and alterations to a place he’d bought sight unseen, because it was in the right area and the numbers made sense. My client was already there when I arrived, and he’d managed to find the place without phoning me for instructions. He was standing outside the front door of the unit, leaning with his back against the wall beside it. He had his one leg up and was very busy on his phone.

He had a baseball cap on and his messy hair hung over his eyes as he typed a message, a naughty smile on his face. His jeans were riding a little low and were tight across his crotch area. It was clear he had an erection, which snaked down his leg on the right side. He had obviously not noticed me as I walked up to him, so I cleared my throat to give him an opportunity to adjust himself and spare him embarrassment. 

I needn’t have bothered. He looked up at me from under his fringe of messy hair and the mirth in his eyes was contagious.

“I just sent my girlfriend a picture of my hardon,” he confessed and lovingly stroked down the inside of his leg where his dick nestled up against his thigh.

“I came early and got bored waiting so I made myself hard by looking at some porn on my phone and then sent her a pic.” He turned his phone to me and showed me what he had sent his girl. From the vantage point that he’d taken the pic the thing looked like it was almost a foot long, a sinuous sausage that hugged his muscular thigh inside the bleached denim.

I didn’t quite know what to do with this information from a total stranger. My body, however, responded to the confession without any instruction and I felt my cock chub up in my formal slacks. Fortunately they were pleated across the front so there was room to grow without showing my predicament.

I cleared my throat again, as much to hide the fact that I wasn’t sure I could trust my voice if I spoke, as to hide my loss for words. Since I was the professional in the situation, I stuck my hand out.

“I’m Kane,” I managed. I sounded, and felt, like I needed a drink to wet my whistle.

“Gabe,” he answered, taking my hand. His grip wasn’t limp, but he held my hand instead of shaking it. His palm was warm against mine and it felt like there was a current running between us. To try and rescue the situation from pure awkwardness, I pumped his paw and pulled my arm back.

“Shall we?” I indicated the front door and took out the bunch of keys, which were in the briefcase which was held in my other hand. I gave him an awkward smile and he grinned like a Cheshire cat and blow me down if he didn’t wink at me.

I felt myself blush like a schoolgirl and to cover my embarrassment I fiddled with the keys while my ears burned. I felt like a giddy ingénue. 

“You having problems with the keys, Kane?” he murmured and I became aware that he was standing uncomfortably close, looking over my shoulder.

“Here, let me help you,” he said and reached around me, effectively embracing me from behind.

To my relief, the door opened and I stepped out of his circle into the waiting apartment. My heart was beating in my chest like I was having a minor seizure, and my palms were sweating. The keys slipped out of my hand and as he followed me into the room I bent to pick them up. Gabe’s crotch collided with my waiting butt and I almost went ass over kettle and would have if my client didn’t grip me by the hips and pull me into his waiting groin.

“Whoops!” he exclaimed, “careful there, Kane, don’t want you to do yourself an injury, now, would we? Mmm, nice buns mr. Estate Agent. Has anybody ever tapped that?” His appreciative palm slid across the sheer fabric of my formal pants before I could pull away but just as I did, he let me go and I straightened up. 

“Gabe, I’m straight…married,” I stammered fleeing into the open plan kitchen/dining area of the apartment we were supposed to be viewing.


“…and I’m on duty,” I added and too late I realized that the last statement opened a door that unintentionally implied that if I weren’t I might consider going for it—which I very much did, at that moment.

“Kane, I’m also “straight” but I like to play with other guys, especially sexy ones like you, and I don’t mind if you’re married if you don’t…? Who’s going to know?” He turned and sauntered towards the front door, looking over his shoulder as he did so, a question mark in his raised eyebrows and sparkling brown eyes. His ass, covered by the frayed, faded jeans, stretched each side in turn as his taunting walk invited me to look at him and appreciate the sheer, unadulterated invitation to sex I saw there. His casual strut was self-confident and unbidden a picture of me with my face crushed into the seat of his jeans, sniffing and chewing, brought saliva to my mouth.

He turned when he got to the door and reversing, closed it to lean against it in the exact position in which I had first seen him.

“Come here Kane,” he crooned, and his palm caressed the long sausage that still lurked temptingly.

I stood rooted to the spot, my feet threatening to carry me to do his bidding against my will, the vibrations of his low voice casting a spell that I was bound to obey.

“What are you going to do to me?” My voice, when it came, made me realize that I was putty in the hands of a man that must be twenty years my junior.

“Kane, I’ll do anything that you want me to. Just as long as it makes you feel good, I’m open to anything.” His voice was like honey dripping from a spoon, rich and sweet, intoxicating in its allure and promise. 

“But I think I know what you want…”

Like a zombie or a sleepwalker I felt my feet start to carry me to where he was waiting for me against the front door of the unit I was supposed to be showing him. His eyes lit up like dark lanterns when I started walking. I thought he would move to meet me but he was making me do all the coming.

“That’s right, Kane, I know you want me, the way I want you, so come to me and show me that you’re as into this as I am.”

When I reached him I stopped in front of him. I thought that he would reach for me but he just looked at me, a sardonic smile on his lips and his one eyebrow raised in a mute question.

“I want to kiss you…” I said. “I’ve never kissed a man before and I would like to kiss you.”

“Go ahead Kane,” he whispered, the little red man on my left shoulder personified. “Kiss me.”

I took the last step towards him and our eyes locked with an almost audible click, opposite poles of two identical magnets meeting and finally resolving the tension that aching separation produced. I inched closer to breach the last little space between us and put my lips against his. They were impossibly soft and it felt like my whole life had led up to this moment. I felt the bristles of his stubble under my lips, and the unmistakably masculine whiff of his cheeks tantalized my nostrils. He put his left hand up and placed it behind my head and drew me into him, slowly and tenderly. He was taller than I was by a few inches so he leaned down into me and opened his mouth and warmth flooded my senses as our saliva mingled. I leaned forward and the length of my body thawed from pent up anticipation to grateful hunger.

A groan welled up from deep within my being as our kiss gained momentum, starting with a tender discovery and escalating rapidly through growing hunger to insane lust. He now had his hands on either side of my face and we made out like we were starved for each other—feasting on each other. It must have carried on for at least five minutes, slaking my thirst for this sexy man but then a deeper hunger began to impinge itself upon my consciousness. My hands, which previously had gripped him by the lapels of his denim jacket, now found their way down his chest and abs and with wonder I lifted his shirt up and my hands roamed up his ripped abs and felt the man-flesh under his shirt. I needed to sample it. I encountered the resilient nub of his nipple and relinquished the nectar of his mouth to taste his body. The hair around his nipple tantalized my tongue and my hand discovered that he had a soft growth of chest hair between his lean pecs. The electricity that coursed through my palm as I caressed the golden bush was unexpected and incomprehensible to me. Not understanding what it would be that would draw me to do it I lifted his shirt up, with his arms above his head and buried my face in his armpit. He didn’t have deodorant on and his scent was fresh and manly and I sniffed and sucked as he groaned in ecstasy.

But still my body yearned for something more essential, something elementally masculine. I slid my way down his body and finally felt myself at the portal to my quest. The button of his jeans was at my eye level as I knelt before him and I knew that what I craved waited behind it. With bated breath I undid his pants but not wanting to spoil the anticipation, I sunk lower and pushed my cheek against the denim that cloaked his sword and slid my face down it. When I reached the tip, a liberal wet spot blossomed there. My keenness had reached a fever pitch and now mad with lust I quickly undid the rest of the buttons of his Levis to reveal a golden bush of straight pubic hair at the root of his erect cock. I inhaled the aroma, which I would in weeks and months to come, get to recognize as uniquely cock, something which instantly would make my own dick flint-hard and my mouth water. A faint waft of that smell had occasionally drifted up to my nostrils at the end of a long hot day when I took my dick out and urinated, and now it assaulted my nostrils with a vengeance.

At last, with my prize in sight, I pulled his jeans down and inch by inch revealed the most beautiful sight of all: the erect male penis. When finally I pulled his pants down far enough to reveal the tip, I saw the delight of his long, slender dick lift its heavy head for my admiration. His skin was a pale golden colour and turned rosy as it reached the hooded end of his beautiful member. 

I wrapped my hand around the middle and helped it to overcome the effects of gravity, which caused it to droop so erotically. I discovered that, although the weight held it down, it was rock hard and covered with satiny skin that slid sensuously under my palm. Not wishing to postpone the moment any longer, I lifted it to my mouth and reverently, like a supplicant drinking from the Lord’s cup for the first time, rested the cloaked head on my lip. I closed my mouth around the tip and tasted his manhood on my tongue as I slid him deeper into my mouth and in doing so, pulled the supple foreskin back, to usher the glistening, weeping knob into my waiting mouth.

With my one hand I stroked up and down, causing him to groan appreciatively, and with the other hand I felt and handled another man’s balls for the first time. They were heavy and loaded with seminal promise, and easily filled my hand as I gently rolled them against each other in their supple sack. Not quite knowing what I was doing, I succumbed to a bizarre impulse and slid the long, downward curving snake down my throat. I made sure that my tongue was flat and made contact with it as it glided downwards, and when it reached my uvula, I instinctively opened my throat and welcomed it down. 

The feeling of satisfaction that it gave me to have swallowed the penis of another man was so mind blowing to me, that to my astonishment I felt that I was spontaneously ejaculating in my formal pants. The groans and pants that I was making around Gabe’s beautiful cock, alerted him to what was happening and he furiously started fucking my throat. I absently wondered why having a long thick meat injection down my gullet almost all the way to my stomach didn’t cause me to retch, but the sheer magnitude of the physical sensations I was experiencing caused me to dismiss that thought until later. It didn’t take Gabe long to reach fever peak, since our encounter had quickly burned more hotly. I closed my hands around his balls, squeezing gently but firmly and pulled his ball-sack down the way I liked to do to myself to enhance my orgasm when I masturbated. I knew that it had the desired effect when with a “Fuck!” he slammed into my face with his hips against my nose and his fragrant pubic hair against my lips. I could feel his cum squirt into me, from the expansion of his cock against my mouth and throat, so I pulled back and suckled feverishly as he emptied the contents of his balls into my waiting mouth. 

I had tasted my own sperm before, but swallowing the precious nectar directly from its virile source was too much for me. The alkaline taste, subtle and intensely personal, sated a hunger and thirst in me that I never knew I had. A second, powerful orgasm rocked my groin area and as I wrapped my arms around his slim hips to hold myself steady, we reached a point of orgasmic stasis, allowing the pleasure that radiated through our combined bodies to bind us together. His cock was still in my mouth and as I began to come to my senses after the most mind blowing orgasm of my life, I started to work what remaining nourishment it could offer out of it by sliding it down my throat and pursing my lips as I pulled my head back and sucked the results onto my grateful tongue. Then I pulled my mouth free and looked at the source of my nourishment before me with joy and wonder.

“Shit, I’ve messed inside my pants,” I marveled, and looked up into his amused eyes.

“You look good down there, Kane, you were made to be a cock sucker—did you know that? I’m sure if you take your underpants off, you’ll find that most of it’s in there. Wanna go see?”

He helped me up from my position of worship and again kissed me tenderly. Taking me by the hand he walked me to the bathroom.

“As you can see, this is the main bathroom, with a bath in the shower,” I said mockingly.

“Mmmmm, nice. Do you come with the apartment? Or only IN the apartment?” His voice was suggestive and sexy as he slid to his knees in front of me. It was his turn to loosen first my belt and then my button and fly. He pulled my pants down over my butt and let them slide down my legs. He stuck his warm right hand around me and cupped my butt cheek in his hand. 

“Godd, you’re sexy.” He turned me around and looked at my butt and there was raw sex in his voice. 

“I’ve got to sample this.” He pushed me over forward and slowly slid my underpants down over my ass. I knew I had a nice butt. I had always had a bubble butt and I liked dressing to show it off, but my wife never paid any attention to it—I assumed because she didn’t think that men cared what they looked like.

Mmmm,” Gabe cooed as he put his nose in the crack between my ass cheeks and took a deep sniff. He pulled back and kneaded my buns in both his hands and suddenly I was in heaven. Without thinking I arched my back and stuck my ass out towards him, and bent further down, which exposed my asshole to him.

“Fuck, Kane, yeah man, that’s a nice asshole.” He pulled me back towards him and sniffed again. All the while he was kneading my ass, all the while traveling closer and closer to my hole with his thumbs. 

“So this is really what you want, ‘cos you’re a bottom boy, aren’t you Kane, Baby?”

“I don’t know what that is—”

“Yeah you do. What you want right now, more than anything in the world,” he said while he worked my glutes and then finally touched my anus, fleetingly, (I gasped with pleasure and anticipation) “is to have my stiff prick up your chute, don’t you? C’mon, admit it, you want me to stick it to you—”

All the while he was circling my asshole with his thumbs and then he spat directly onto my rosebud. He started to massage the hole downwards with his forefinger and involuntarily I pushed back so that his digit entered me. A current seemed to radiate from that point to my groin directly.

“Oh yeah, you’re a bottom boy for sure,” he chuckled and followed my lead, sliding his finger into my receptive cavity. The friction produced by the act almost caused me to black out with pleasure.

“Yeah, baby, that’s right,” he cooed and extracted his finger. I whimpered my dismay but I wasn’t prepared for what he did next. An impossibly warm sensation right on my orifice and the accompanying suckling sounds alerted me to the mind-blowing fact that he was sucking on my asshole! Apparently he was enjoying it as well as he made ecstatic munching noises that turned me on even more. He alternated between kissing my ring and sliding his finger in me and I was being driven mad with desire to have something enter me—something substantial and longer than his index finger.

“Please Gabe, please fuck me with your beautiful cock,” I begged and at that moment it was all I could focus on in the entire world. 

“Please, Gabe, I have to feel your thick cock inside of me—” I stopped in mid-sentence as he stood up and I heard his zip behind me. Next I heard the sound of a condom wrapper being ripped with his teeth. Momentarily he abandoned my asshole to apply the protection. He honked some slimy saliva onto his hand and at my asshole and then positioned the tip of his long uncut penis at my back door.

“This may hurt, Kane, but it will be worth it, trust me,” he murmured.

I felt pressure at my back end as he wriggled the tip of his pole to breach the folds of my manhole. Instinctively I relaxed my sphincter and his thick man-snake slid slowly in. The head expanded my hole, stretching it unexpectedly, and I felt a momentary stab of pain. I hissed but pushed back and the reward was overwhelming.

I had no idea that something could feel so right, so good, so securing—or that it was humanly possible to feel so much pleasure. A moan-sigh escaped from somewhere deep inside my guts.

“Are you all right there, sport? I’m almost home this side. You feel real good and tight. The perfect man-ass to fuck.”

“Oh godd, Gabe, it feels so good, your cock feels so good inside me.”

“Be patient, Baby, the best is yet to come!”

He slid the last inch or two home and pulled my hips into his groin. I pressed back to feel his cock stretch me open even more, and my insides welcomed him in. A revelation hit me like a golden hallelujah: I was a man born to be buggered.

“That’s the ticket, now the fun begins,” he whispered to himself, as much as to me and started sliding his member out again. The friction burned a fire of pleasure into my synapses and I knew that I would never be able to avoid doing this again.

He fucked me slowly and expertly, varying the angles, ever finding new ways to explore my cavity with his prod. 

“Yeah, sexy man, this is how two men make whoopee,” he chortled as I steadied myself against the tiled bathroom wall, between the commode and the basin. He started getting into a rhythm and I was moaning like a man-whore. Up to now I had considered myself to be quite a straight-laced individual. I knew how to have fun, for sure, but my wife would have been shocked to hear the moans of outright lust and sexual abandonment that sprang from my mouth.

“Fuuuuck, Brad, nail me, man, fuck me of yes fu-u-u-u-uck me,” I encouraged in time to his thrusts. 

“Yeah, Baby, Daddy’s giving you your medicine. Take it like a man!” he encouraged me in turn.

It hadn’t occurred to me to touch my cock, which was standing up in front of me like a spike. It was inconceivable that I could experience greater pleasure than was afforded me by the ass pounding that Gabe was administering to my grateful hole. But he had other ideas.

“Ok Baby, I’m ready to shoot, jerk yourself so we can spunk together!” I followed his instructions and put my right hand on my cock while struggling to steady myself with my left, as Gabe deepened his thrusts.

“Oh my godd, oh my godd, oh my godd, oh my godd,” he shouted repeatedly and I began to feel it too. He struck some point deep in me that sent a blinding flash of incandescent pleasure through my being and as he bunny fucked me repeatedly, all the while letting out deep, guttural groans, I felt my asshole begin to contract around his masculine prod. For the third time on less than a half hour I squirted my essence, this time all over the bathroom floor and wall in front of me. Gabe let out a roar and his hands left my hips, where he had been holding me to find the deepest penetration, to embrace me to his chest, all the while emptying his lovely balls into my asshole. His hot breath in my neck, as he bit my ear, his hoarse moans, all echoed the incomparable ecstasy that coursed through my body.

At last our breathing calmed. Gabe began to pull out of my asshole and I felt for the first of many, many times, the loss and regret as a man’s cock left the place where it belonged: up my ass.

And that, dear friends, is how I became a cock hound. 

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