Jamie Goes Greek on Me 3


Only Gay For You

"What's wrong?" my wife asked in the car on the way home.

"I just feel sorry for Jamie," I said truthfully. "He was pretty cut up about Nadine."

"So what did you guys talk about? You were away quite long."

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I thought he needed to just get a chance to be without having to face the crowds."

"So where did you take him?"

"I was going to take him for a milkshake but instead we went to a friend of his' house and hung out."

"I thought you wanted to avoid the crowds?"

"They weren't home but Jamie had the keys. It was great ‘cos nobody disturbed us. He could just be himself," I said, remembering just what himself looked like with my cock up his ass. I chubbed up at the thought.

"I think I'm going to try and spend some time with him. He needs somebody to talk to, you know?"

"You obviously have what it takes 'cos he seemed quite cheerful when you guys got back."

There was no suspicion in her voice at all. There was no reason for any, since, after all, I was a faithful, straight father and husband. Yeah right!

Just the few minutes that Jamie and I had been apart was tearing me apart. 

When we arrived back at his parents' house and we had to stop being intimate it was like somebody had cut one of my limbs off. I ached to hold his hand and stroke his face as I had after I had made love to him on that leather couch. We had giggled as we newbies negotiated the intricacies of taking my soft dick out of his cum-filled asshole without dripping all over everything. His megawatt smile had lit up the room as my dick came out of his well-fucked hole with a soft "plop".

"Clench that hole boy, don't let any of that cum drip out!" I'd joked with an American accent.

"Yes dad!" he'd joined in. When I'd looked at him from between his legs my heart had all but stopped. How had this happened? How had I gotten this lucky? Time stood still as I leaned forward and kissed his generous mouth gently.

"When will I see you again, uncle D?" he asked in a suddenly subdued voice. We were feeling the impending separation.

"I'm going to tell aunty J that I want to spend time with you. To help you process Nadine, of course. Don't forget to still be upset."

"I am still upset," he said, remembering the recent breakup. I saw the hurt cross his eyes like clouds before the sun.

I took my hanky out of my pocket to wipe the squirt off his chest. I put the piece of cum-drenched cloth to my nose and inhaled deeply.

"Something to remember you by," I said.

He cheered up and touched his red ass lips. "Something to remember YOU by."

"We've got to dress and go. I think I might have to rinse your cum-smell off my face first, though!"

We cleaned up as best as we could and made sure that we didn't stink of sex, which wasn't easy since we had, well, had sex!

When we arrived at their house Jamie and I said goodbye at the gate. We would have to play it cool from there on and it wasn't going to be easy.

"I'll whatsapp you later," he whispered as we walked up the garden path towards where everybody else was chilling.

"Hey dad, mom, aunty J, I'm going to have a shower and go to my room," he called out. 

"Thanks uncle D, for everything." he smiled ruefully and disappeared into the house.

"Thanks for being there for him," his dad clapped me on the shoulder and handed me a beer.

"I love that boy like my own son," I said as I took a swig. 

"I know," his dad said in what I feared was a meaningful way. I hoped it was my imagination. But he left it at that and we got to talking about the patchy relationship history teenagers seemed to have. From there we ate, called it a day and went home.

Later I received my first whatsapp from Jamie.

"Hey," it said.

"Hey." I replied.

"Wuu2?" I assumed that was code for ‘what you up to’, so I replied, 

"Missing you."

"Me 2. Big time :( TX 4 2day. U saved my life. <3"

"Who's that?" my wife asked. She thought it might be a client and was ready to defend my right to family time.

"Just Jamie saying ‘thank you’" I replied truthfully.

My phone beeped again. I checked the screen and luckily I was sitting facing away from the family because it revealed a mirror pic of Jamie, naked, in all his glory. His sizable flaccid cock hanging pendulously between his legs over his heavy balls. I felt myself blushing and hoped nobody noticed.

"So you don't forget me," came next. 

I tried to keep the satisfied smile off my face.

"Forget? I can't get you out of my mind!"

Another ping. I decided just for safety I would leave the room. I put my phone in my pocket and went to the bathroom. Just as well. The next pic was of his red, moist rosebud.

"This belongs to you...! You took my cherry…” was the next post.

"Jamie I'm going to have to delete these you know, right?”

"That's OK Uncle D, just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. When can I see you again?"

"I did tell aunty J that I was going to spend some time with you. When are you free?"

"Well I've got school tmrw but after I can slip away."

"Tell ur dad I'm coming to fetch you for a chat. We can go somewhere private. I'll see you, what, at 2.30?"

"That’s kewl. Cant wait!" Thumbs up emoji.

"Jamie my boy, neither can I! I'm getting hard just thinking of you. I know I'm going to dream of you tonight."

“Me2. Cu tmrw unka D."

It was a long morning before I could slip away to see my Greek boy. I felt guilty, but not enough to not see Jamie. I was in lust with him, yes, but more than that, I was in love with him. There was a beauty and innocence about what we had that was new to me. It didn't rival what I had with my wife. I would never give up my relationship with her. But I could never have with her what I had with Jamie. 

He was so fresh and unspoiled. He was beautiful and masculine at the same time, boy and man in the same package. When I held him in my arms I was holding him safe but he was doing the same for me, and he was calling to a younger me that I thought had long since bitten the dust. That this young stud could love me and want me to fuck his juicy ass was, above all, a mind-fuck. 

Jamie had everything going for him. He was a hunky star athlete, could have his pick of the beauties at school (and elsewhere, I’m sure), yet he had given himself to me. We shared a passion and a tenderness that gave me a new perspective on myself and the world. I couldn't see how what we shared could be wrong. I determined that I was going to find a way to spend the night with him, so we could properly consummate our love in peace and quiet.

I suspected that Jamie was going to be surprised by what I had in mind for our afternoon tryst. I tooted outside his gate and his dad came out with him.

"Hey D, I appreciate you spending time with Jamie. You seem to be hitting all the right notes with him. He's been moping around the house since Nadine broke up with him, and the only thing that excites him is the prospect of seeing you."

"Hey Stephan. He's a good kid and I've always had a soft spot for him. I'm glad he's prepared to talk to me about his troubles. Maybe one of these days we should all three go out for a beer together."

"Good idea. But for now I know he's in good hands..."

‘If only you knew,’ I thought.

"Seeya dad,” Jamie said as he closed the door of my car and we left.

"Jeez my dad looks like he's onto us."

"He's not, don't worry."

"So where are we going D?"

"D? So where's the ‘uncle’?"

"You're my man... You're not my uncle, sheesh!" Again that wink. If I was standing my knees would be buckling.

"How are the pubes coming along, stud?" I teased.

"Wanna see?" 

He undid the button of his board shorts and pulled down his undies. The stubble I saw there hardly hid the delicious skin and the root of his thick tool that peeked out behind the broad elastic. His shirt was pulled up revealing his zero fat abs. He pulled his shirt up even further and exposed a dark nipple.

“Jamie put that away I'm going to crash the car if I don't focus on driving. Besides, people will see." 


He pulled the shirt down but kept his shorts open.

"He wants to come out and play Unka D! Don't make me put him away please?" 

I stretched my arm out and slid my hand into his shorts and encircled the rapidly growing cock of my young lover with my left hand. I maneuvered it out of the confines of his underwear and the trouser snake appeared proudly above the strip of elastic. I was driving my 4 x 4 today for our outing, so we were higher than most of the traffic and people wouldn't be able to see what I was doing unless they were curious and deliberately looked. I marveled at how the foreskin of his 18-year-old cock made it easy to slide my hand up and down without any friction. So different from my own. He was leaking all over my hand which made it easier still to jack him. He was thrusting into my hand and his head was back and his eyes were closed.

"Hold it my boy, let's wait. We're about to stop at a traffic light."

"No! Don't stop!" he said as he started squirting his load over my hand and forward onto the dashboard. The boy sure had a hair trigger. His hands were clenching the side of the seat on either side as he spasmed and the buckets of cum shot into the air and all over the front of the car. If anybody had been looking at us then they would have had no doubt that the Greek god next to me was getting a hand job. As the aftershocks of his orgasm died down he opened his eyes and with his head still leaned back on the seat turned to look at me and smiled.

"Wow that was awesome! We are totally in the traffic and I just shot all over everything! That was so intense!"

Lucky the traffic light where we were just pulling up to was a single lane so nobody was next to us to see his now deflating dick being milked of its last juices. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked his milky white ejaculate from my fingers and the back of my hand where most of it ended up.

"You taste good lover boy... There's a gym towel on the back seat behind you." Jamie turned around and found the towel and started cleaning the glistening spunk off his abs, then the seat and lastly the dash in front of him.

"I came like a fountain! Sheesh Unka D you make me super horny!" he gushed.

"Thanks sexy boy. You do the same to me! I almost came in my jeans." 

The traffic light changed and we got going.

"Where you taking me?"

"Well, I wanted us to have an outing that didn't include sex ha-ha, so we're going paint-balling with a youth group and a youth pastor friend of mine. I thought we could channel some of this energy somewhere else. Fail!" I laughed.

"Don't kid yourself there's plenty where that came from! I sometimes jerk off three or four times a day," he chuckled. "That was my first hand job, though, so that was kinda special."

"Well, I was glad to lend a hand. " I spotted a glob of cum on my watch that I had missed. "Get that for me will you?" I held my hand out to him and he licked the drop off, smacked his lips and sighed. "I haven't tasted you yet. We have to do something about that."

"Well it won't be today. This afternoon is about doing what we said we're going to do: spending time together."

"Mmm... " he said, enigmatically and looked out of the window with a dreamy look on his face.

"Jamie?" He looked back at me. 

"Mmm...?" he said. He had a lazy question in his eyes. He was still languishing in the afterglow of his orgasm.

"I love you. Just wanted to tell you before we arrived and we were surrounded by hordes of boys."

Suddenly a look of mild alarm clouded his handsome face.

"What if you like one of the other boys more than me?"

"Hey relax!" I chided. "I only like one boy. Remember I'm not gay. I'm just a 

Jamie-lover. There's only one Greek boy for me!" 

I squeezed his muscled thigh. 

"Remember that! I am more worried that you'll discover that you like some other bloke more than me! You're the hunk in this relationship!"

"The same goes for you Uncle D. I'm only gay for one guy: you. I fell in love with you when I was 10. Why would it change now that I've got what I've always wanted? What kind of a Greek boy would that make me?"

Just then we arrived at our destination. I spotted my friend and his numerous male charges. I could see the testosterone emanate off them in waves. It was going to be a great afternoon.


"Let's just make sure there's no cum left anywhere on you to give the game away. Nope, clear! Let's go and show them what this team can do!"