Jamie Goes Greek on Me 4


Filling A Vacancy

We stopped in front of the paint ball court. A bunch of excited young guys milled about in organized confusion, already feeling the effect of the testosterone that the impending battle released in them. I got out of my 4 x 4 and watched Jamie do the same from the passenger side. As we walked around to the front he winked at me and adjusted his goods in his shorts. Nothing unusual for a boy in the company of other males but I knew it was a message to me.

I put my arm around his shoulder and he turned to me and asked quickly:

"You gonna want to nail any of these dudes too? Some of them are quite hot!" I didn't have a chance to answer him as we were met by Sias, my youth pastor friend.

"Hey D! How's it going?" he yelled and fought his way through the throng of young masculine flesh. He grabbed me by the hand, shook it vigorously and pulled me into a one shoulder hug.

"Sias this is my boy Jamie, Jamie this is Sias."

Sias grabbed Jamie's hand and likewise shook it enthusiastically.

"Come and meet the crowd," he said as he swung away and led the way to the gang.

‘Your boy?’ Jamie mouthed at me with raised eyebrows, but gave me a grateful smile. I just laughed and wiggled my own eyebrows at him.

"Hey guys, this is uncle D and his boy Jamie. Guys when you have a chance, introduce yourselves."

We didn't waste a lot of time making small talk. Jamie, being a sportsman and member of the 1st rugby team at his school, knew some of the young men and immediately felt at home and clicked with the other young guys. I proudly looked on as he joked and smiled and strutted like the young leader he is. Occasionally we would catch each other's eye and exchange a knowing glance. Sias and I chatted briefly about this and that and then it was time to get the show on the road.

Sias, being the youth pastor he was, organised us into teams. He and I were predictably on one small team with two of the younger boys, while Jamie and three other hunky boys made up one of the other three teams, all with 4 members each. My heart swelled with pride at the way that my boy Jamie both led and followed and showed that he knew how to blend into an effective team. Now and then, when he caught my eye, he subtly adjusted his junk, either from outside, or sticking his hand inside the waist of his shorts and shifting stuff around. 

This was having a disastrous effect on me as I was struggling to focus on Sias, the other adult in the group, although he didn't seem to notice.

After we had suited up in our protective gear, we started with a simple elimination game. A coloured scarf tied around some part of their anatomy, where it was clearly visible, identified each of the four teams. The game started when Sias shouted "Game On" and we were deployed among the heaps of tires and paint-stained nets and car wrecks. It was a huge playground and lent itself to being ambushed from around every corner.

Initially it was easy to keep track of my teammates, but as these game

progressed, I lost sight of them as we tried strategically to ensure that we weren't eliminated. I could hear the characteristic detonation as paint balls were shot and occasionally a shout of "I'm Out!" rang out over the course. None of the voices sounded like Jamie although in all the shouts and pops I couldn't be sure. I managed to stay "alive" by employing stealth and a couple of times only narrowly escaped by listening carefully and attacking before I was attacked.

I was hiding behind a large heap of tires when I heard a sound behind me. I whirled around ready to shoot, but Jamie, who was the culprit, had his fingers to his lips. He launched himself at me and immediately started kissing me passionately. The fact that we could be discovered any second only seemed to spur him on. His huge erection ground against my paintball overall as he thrust at me and he pinned me against the tires.

"Jamie, no!" I hissed, "What if somebody finds us? We would be so screwed!"

"Screwed? Maybe this would be the time to tell you Unka D that I really love getting screwed by you! I love having your big dick in my Jamie-hole!" he whispered urgently and roughly massaged my hard cock through the overall.

I got into the hotness of the stolen moment and retorted: "I have been thinking that it might be hot for you to screw me too..." This had the desired effect and he groaned and tried to suck my tongue out of my questing mouth. Just then we heard somebody's less than stealthy approach. The sneaky Jamie stepped back, raised his gun and shot me on the arm as I tried to shield myself.

"You're dead, uncle D!" I raised my gun over my head and shouted "I'm out!" as I walked to the dead zone. 

"I'll get you, you little s…!" I growled good-naturedly and made my way off the field. Jamie guffawed and I could already hear him dispatching the boy who disturbed our battlefield make-out session. Served him right.

As I waited for this session to end I reflected on what I had said to my boy. If I was going to be true to our objective of making a better lover of him, I would not only be required to teach him to be a humble receiver of love, but to also give it in a considerate and caring way. The only problem was the fact that we were always rushed and so there wasn't much opportunity to explore more tenderness. I would have to come up with a plan. But for the moment the signal for the end of play sounded and the winner walked off the field with his gun raised. It was Jamie! My heart, chest and cock swelled with satisfaction as he walked up to me and I high fived him in congratulation.

The afternoon continued with a few more similar games. We varied it by trying "capture the flag" and "speedball" to mix things up a bit. When we were done and all of us were rubbing the bruises inflicted by the projectiles we had endured, we decided to go for milkshakes at a nearby MacDonald's.

Jamie didn't end up being in my vehicle and I got a chance to chat to some other young guys on the journey there. I hoped that the smell of the cum that he had shot all over my dashboard earlier wasn't still noticeable, but thankfully either they didn't notice or it had disappeared by then. It was a good opportunity to check whether I was going gay for young guys in general, because all five of the young studs that traveled with me were pretty hot in their own right. Each one was muscled in the right places, with handsome young faces and reeking of testosterone, but I was longing for my Greek lover. As we bantered about the highlights of the game, I wondered what he was doing now. I imagined his gleaming dark eyes under his only barely growing back eyebrows, and his thoughtful face as he absently adjusted his uncut dick in his undies. I was rock hard wondering about him and wished we didn't have to stick around wasting time we could be alone together. But I had deliberately planned to spend some non-sexual time with other people in a safe environment so we would be forced to see each other in a different context. 

‘Well, that worked out quite well’ I thought ironically.

During milkshakes Jamie quite sensibly kept away from me and I chatted to Sias and some other young bucks at my table. Eventually the time came to skedaddle and Jamie and I said our goodbyes with many a fist pump and one-shouldered hug. It was still early enough not to have him home so I decided that I would use my privileges as an estate agent and go and do an "inspection" on and unoccupied furnished rental unit we managed. I told Jamie that I had a little bit of work to do and asked him if he wanted to come with me. He readily agreed and we drove the 15 minutes or so to our destination chatting and laughing about the fun afternoon we had.

"So Unka D, were you tempted to nail one of the cute guys there today? Have I opened your eyes to the joys of boy-dick?"

I looked at him sideways, still keeping my eyes (mostly) on the road. He was slumped slightly back, with his arm out the open window, surfing the air currents with his cupped hand. His legs were wide and his other hand was resting on the bulge in his shorts.

"Yes I must admit that some of those guys have what it takes to be Greek boy material. That young Jaden...? And Keagan... Wow! Meaty boy-butt galore!" 

I saw him start to sit more upright and I knew I had to talk fast. His face was flushed and to my horror tears pooled in the corner of his eyes. His mouth was scrunched up.

"But no, baby boy, nobody comes close to what you do to me... There is only one boy for me, I promise you that!”

I reached out and put my hand on his. His own hand gripped mine painfully. I saw the alarm and anger recede from his features.

“Don’t ever do that again, please! I don’t know what I would do if you dropped me for some other boy…!”

I remembered how we had played in the car the night of my daughter's birthday and how far we had come since then. 

"It's not all about sex for me, Jamie. Although the sex is great and I think we have still got a lot to discover about that. You are MY Boy, my only one. You make my dick hard, but mostly you make my heart soft. When I'm not with you I feel like I'm half a man. I feel kinda empty inside. I wonder what you're doing and where you are... " 

I looked over at him again and tears were streaming down his cheeks.

“I feel the same way uncle D," he said softly. 

‘This boy is so gentle’ I thought, and I scooped up a tear with my finger and brought it to my mouth, savoring the salty essence of my Jamie's love. He smiled ruefully at me and sniffed, wiping his hand across his nose and on his shorts. We started to giggle and ended up laughing until the tears streamed down both our cheeks.

After a while of sitting like that, basking in the glow of each other's

presence. Jamie asked, "So where we going?"

"You'll see, " I said enigmatically as we turned into the complex and I briefly explained to the security guard what I was doing there. I could have been mistaken but I thought I saw the guard look meaningfully at the two of us, especially the hunky teenager in the passenger seat, and wave us in.

When we go to the unit I ushered Jamie in and locked the door behind us. It was a luxury apartment and the previous tenant had recently moved out and we were freshening the place up for the next occupant. 

"This is nice," Jamie commented and walked into the lounge, nodding his head. So what do you have to do here?"

"I have to do an inspection... " I said, taking out the sheet of paper from my briefcase and attaching them to my clipboard.

"So, what are you inspecting?" I heard a shuffling noise and a zip being pulled down behind me and I smiled knowingly.

"I just have to make sure everything is in working order, and clean and ready for use," I said, pretending to write on my inspection sheet but knowing what was happening behind me.

"Unka D, can you please inspect this for me, I'm not sure it's working properly. Lately it's been leaking a lot and I'm pretty sure it's broken..."

I turned around and sure enough Jamie had his shorts around his ankles, his shirt off and his leaking cock and balls were pulled out above the elastic of his underpants. He was stroking his beautiful, dark, uncut cock and working the foreskin back and forth over the angry pink, almost purple head.

"You see, look here," he beckoned me over and as I approached, he pointed to his cock head and spread the piss slit open and a slimy, glistening drop peeled out of the hole.

"I dunno what to do anymore, do you know of somebody that can fix it for me Unka D?"

"Let me see that, young man, " I answered and knelt down in front of him.

"Mmmm, it sure is leaking. What's this stuff that's coming out of it?" I leaned in and took it in my hand. I put my head forward and sniffed at the oozing gland. At once, as the alkaline smell of Jamie's precum, mixed with boy sweat and a touch of urine and the stronger smell of the cum that he squirted in my car earlier hit my nose, I almost fainted on the spot. I tried to keep up the game we were playing but it took all of my self-discipline not to suck that piece of Jamie-meat down my throat straight away.

"So what do you think, Unka D, what can we do to fix it? And it stays hard all the time when I think of you. Is there somewhere we can put it that it won't mess so much?"

"Mmm," I said again, pretending to think deeply. 

"Let me think about it. Let me also just check and see that your other equipment is OK." I turned him around slowly and took in his perfect glutes, like two succulent melons before my face.

"Bend over, so I can check this part," I ordered like a doctor and gently pulled apart his buns as he complied. His anus winked at me moistly and I leaned forward and sniffed appreciatively.

"Young man, when last did you stick something in here to check that all is well?"

"Well, sir, a kind gentleman did prod something in there earlier on in the week, but it's been a while and I'm sure something has gone wrong in there because it feels very empty since then... " He trailed off and looked at me around his exposed asshole. 

"Will you poke something in there for me? I must know if it's broken!"

"Let's see what I can do. It smells OK, 

" I said, sniffing again, deeply, taking in the musky smell of his most intimate spot.

"And it tastes OK," I said, licking it and then starting to suck at the

soft, moist ring appreciatively, sticking my tongue exploratively in as far as the tight flesh band would allow me. Jamie groaned and stuck his hands back and opened his asshole for better access by pulling the cheeks away as far as they'd go.

"Oh Yes, unka D...! Stick something in there to check if it's OK...!"

I used my index finger to stroke downwards over the pulsing hole, making it expand and contract as it seemed to be luring me in. I put the tip on the hole and Jamie pushed backwards, so that with a bit of pressure my finger started to enter his spit-lubed anus. I rotated my questing finger left and right causing lateral friction, which in turn caused Jamie to groan and push back onto my digit.

"How does that feel Jamie?" I asked, redundantly, judging by the moans that were emanating from his other end.

"Feels so good, Unka D, feels so good... "

I pushed my finger in to the hilt and felt around in the folded depths

until I found what I was looking for. Against the smooth side of the front of his interior, there was a tight protrusion that I started to stimulate.

"Oh, J…, Unka D, that's good! Please don't tease me, fuck me please

please, please!"

"But Jamie, we have to make sure that nothing's broken down here first."

"Can't you use your dick to look?" he begged. 

"It's longer and thicker. It will go deeper."

"Do you think I should? I don't want to break it further...! " I was finger-fucking him fast now. I was fascinated by the way his asshole seemed to swallow my finger. I would never have thought that I would find a man's asshole such a thing of beauty and erotic delight. The moist action was like poetry to me. The pheromones emanating off Jamie's posterior were intoxicating. There was nothing dirty about it. It was pure Jamie and Jamie was pure man and I was completely into his asshole and him. I was tired of waiting. I stood up and started to undo my pants and pulled my feet out of the legs with haste, almost falling over with eagerness. I removed the small bottle of lube that I had in my pocket for just this eventuality.

"OK Jamie, I'm going to fix that hole for you. Come over here to the dining room table. That's right, lean forward. I brought some special stuff to make it smooth going."

He leaned over the table and spread his ass with his hands. I applied lube to his hole liberally and started to work two and then three fingers in. He was obviously very into it as he was gyrating his hips back into the intrusion.

"Fuck me hard Unka D, fix that hole good!"

I wanted to occupy him as quickly as I could and the delicious and progressive looseness of his man-cunt showed me that he was almost ready. He grunted and snorted with the hunger to have his pussy filled. I wondered when and how I had started to think in these terms? How had I gone from ever-straight married man-to-boy fucker that couldn't wait to feel the red velvet chute of my boy lover's asshole envelop my oozing dick? The hairy valley between his succulent buns was glistening from the lube and ass juices that my ministrations had produced. The rich earthy smell of his ass-lips rose to meet my appreciative nose. I stood back after liberally lubing my eager dick and lined up to enter carefully, but once again Jamie took the initiative and shoved back just as I leaned forward.

"Aaargh! Shit that's right uncle D, drive it home. Fix that itchy hole for me! I've missed you man-pole inside me!"

I wanted to take it slowly but we were still in that honeymoon phase where raw passion ruled our interactions. I felt my penis enter his warm depths—a knife through butter. His heat was amazing!

"Shit my boy you're so hot inside. You're burning me up with your sexiness! I can't get enough of you!"

"Oh unka, you're so deep in me... When you move you shove my insides around and it makes me feel so good!"

I was determined to make this last as long as I could so I pulled out until only my mushroom head was lodged in his hole. I teased his sphincter by popping in and out a few times and then shoving deep in, varying the angle every time to try and hit virgin territory, so to speak. I was obviously pleasing the boy as he was making encouraging noises which led me to believe that he was in ecstasy.

My chest wanted to burst with the overpowering love that welled up from who knows where, for this beautiful and receptive young man. I couldn't feel this way for any woman, I knew that now. Love between man and man was unique and brutally primal, connecting with one's own sense of masculine power, proclaiming and broadcasting and echoing outwards, folding back in a loop that reinforced and empowered and amplified infinitely. My mind was in overload not only from the intense physicality of fucking my Jamie, but the excruciating ecstasy of receiving his love. I increased the rate of my fucking as a sense of urgency entered Jamie's noises. He hissed between his teeth every time I plunged into his depths.

"Oh-o-o-oo-h" Jamie intoned in time to my thrusts as our mutual pace raced towards our shared climax.

"Breed-me-un-ka-D, breed-my-hung-ry-ass-hole!" he shouted in time to my machine gun thrusts into his tight, tight hole. I absently wondered where he got that - breed me - but concluded how appropriate it was, as I was to seed his insides with my sperm not too long from now, and while it wouldn't result in offspring, it most definitely was showing a deeper need to unite with this boy on a cellular level.

I knew we were launching ourselves off the precipice of mutual orgasm when his deepest muscles started contracting around me and his shouts degenerated into incoherent, rhythmic grunts of release. My own climax ambushed me and I punched into him in several spasms, the wet slapping of my hips against his sweat-covered ass punctuating our timed squirts, his over the table over which he was draped, and mine painting his steaming insides.

Jamie shuddered and at last collapsed in a heap, the dying tremors of his ejaculation transferring themselves to my sympathetic dick. I didn't care how messy it was, I pulled out of his ass in one swift backward thrust, pulled Jamie upwards, turned him around, and with my hands behind his head, forcing him forward in a deep man-kiss that was as uniquely different from a male-female kiss as was the act of penetration.

"My God Jamie, my baby, what did I know about life until I found you?"

"Uncle D, that was intense," he said with the typical eloquence of an 18-year old. 

"I felt different. Like something broke inside of me and you put it together again," he said, supremely eloquent. It exactly described this moment.

"I know," I breathed into his beautiful mouth.

"I know.”