Spare parts 5

Yeah, we went home: Jonty's home. 

Sticking it up his ass like that in the back of the cab was probably the hottest thing I'd ever done. I've fucked men and women and even a few … wait let's not go there …  but yeah, I've fucked 'em all, and this was by far the hottest fuck I could remember. 

There was this funny thing going on in me. Since I first saw his sexy-ass body in his expensive clothes leaning against that racing green Mini out next to the road in the sun, sweating like a princess, his pretty mouth pinched in an irritated little rosebud, his Oakleys on his pretty nose and his hair product melting in his face, I had something for him. I dunno what you'd call it. I'd wanted to fuck a pretty boy before, trust me. And I'd fucked them, every one of them that I'd set my sights on.

But then, when I had him where I could throw him over my desk and rip his clothes off him, and rape his muscle pussy, with him practically begging me to do him, with his ever-straight hand around my cock, I'd paused. 

Now if you know me, there is no "pause" button on this fuck-rod. Once "go" is engaged, nothing short of a world war would stop me and then I'd probably fuck some of the corpses before they cooled down to be too stiff or not stiff enough. Nah, it's just a figure of speech: I've never fucked a corpse. I’ve gotta hear somebody moan when my awesome curved dick enters the hole and does its magic inside, where it's most at home.

So as I was saying, Jonty does strange things to me. I want to own him. Yeah, you heard me ... I don't want him to share what he has with anybody but me. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't want him to be like a pet, without an opinion, but I want him to ... what would you call it, submit to me. I want to give himself to me like he did in the taxi.

Think about it: I'd unlocked this little pervert cocksucker bugger-slut from his straight-laced cage, and he was ready to wait inside the men's room at the first gay (or straight) bar he could find and suck anybody off that wanted him, while another stud fucked his hungry hole. But then I'd pulled him out of that place and put my stamp on him. (Yeah, what's up with that? I know!) I'd made him say he loves me, and although I saw how hott he was for the cab driver, I made him promise he wouldn't do anything with anybody but me.

Well, you’ve read the story thus far, you’ve gotta be wise to the fact that in his way he has a hold over me. Who owns who? Who the fuck knows? And who cares? You gotta do what the fates dictate. And Jonty Cravin and I are connected, that much became clear when I cleaned myself up and delivered his car personally, even if it ended in my fucking him with an Arab’s cock down his gullet.

Later we hung around like two blokes. I wondered what would happen when we had the sex out of the way – would we have nothing to talk about and discover that we didn’t really like each other? I think he was surprised that I am quite bright in my own way, although he didn’t say so. 

We lounged on the couch like two ordinary guys, watching sport. The only difference was that he was sitting in my arm with his head on my shoulder and his long, hairy legs over mine. We were wearing just underpants, after showering together to get the stink of car sex off of us. Oh yeah, I guess you wanna hear about the shower.

We got to the penthouse and by this time the city lights were on and the whole of New York was displayed in front of us like a random clutch of diamonds on a midnight blue velvet cloth. Yeah, don’t act so surprised. I can get all lyrical too. Just wait when you hear me listen to a purring motor when I stroked the kink out of it. I can be as poetic as the next guy!

Anyway, to get back to the shower. We went out on the deck and took in the view, and I held his hand. It seemed like that natural thing to do. I’d never pictured myself getting all sappy before, but Jonty brought out something in me. Yeah you get the picture. So I held his hand. We were standing next to each other and I felt my hand touch his. We didn’t say anything, we just kinda grabbed hold of each other gently and looked at the view.

“What you thinking, Baby?”

“I’m thinking I like it when you call me baby. Does that make me gay?”

“Who the fuck knows, Baby? And who the fuck cares about stuff like that? You’re here with me, and you’re my Baby.”

“Yeah,” he sighed. “I like that. I really do.”

We stood like that just breathing in the moment, and enjoyed each other at the other end of our hand for a minute.

“You know something strange?” he asked after a while.

“So what, cos I’m holding your hand, I’m suddenly psychic too? I don’t even have Gaydar. I’m constantly picking up straight men cos I suck at checking out gay men.”

We chuckled.

“Straight men like me?”

I thought for a minute and our togetherness stretched between us. Comfortable and … nice.

“So you know something strange?”

“Tell me already,” I said, shoving him gently with my hip and then putting my arm around him and pulling him in so he rested his head on my shoulder.

“I feel safe with you.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Who knew we didn’t feel safe before?” I turned my head and nudged his ear and he turned his head and we kissed. Just like that.

Now you gotta know that normally by this time I would be in a land far, far away, working on my next score, the sexy boy whose ass I nailed a distant memory in my satisfied – and empty – balls. But the smell of him, his breath in my mouth, his stubble on my lips, his eyes like search lights, looking into mine – I felt dizzy and like I was being sucked down a drain pipe, spinning out of control. His saliva must have contained some kind of potion because when we traded spit … There’s no way to describe what it did to me.

I turned towards him and pulled him into me. He made a small sound, like a tiny animal, and his body melted into mine and although we are more or less the same size and build, he shrunk and I grew. He turned me into a giant. When he was around me I was strong and powerful and I wanted to protect him. Needed to.

He pulled his head away slightly.

“Why did you change your mind about letting me suck the cab driver?”

I frowned at him a little, puzzled by this sudden random departure. But then I saw he was waiting for my answer and I realised I owed him one. Of course I didn’t really have one so I needed some time to figure it out. Normally I didn’t have to account for my impulsive actions, except in business, so it was quite a stretch for me.

“I need to think about that a little. I know there’s a reason, I just haven’t thought of it yet!”

“Let’s go and have a shower. You can think while we get clean.”

We started undressing before we even got to the door and by the time we were in the bathroom, my dick was hard and dripping. By the time he’d started the fancy shower my hand was in his ass almost up to the wrist and he was bent over the sink holding on for dear life. I was lining up my cock. He’d handed me a condom which I only just managed to get on my raging boner and I shoved inside him. He shouted as my dick stretched him open and I thought I’d hurt him so I tried to pull out. He just pushed back into me and more or less swallowed my dick with his asshole. I gripped him around the waist to get some purchase and I shoved into him four or five times and he screamed my name and I felt his ass ring contract around my squirting cock. He leaned back into me and I bit his neck, hard. I knew it would leave a mark but I didn’t care. I wanted everybody to know he was mine. I’d piss on him in public to make sure that they knew, if that's what it took.

“Steve, I want you to piss on me.”

“Fuck, you just read my mind you little slut-bitch.”

“Just fucking do it before I change my mind and get a real mechanic to do it, you brainless Moron.”

I pulled my cock out of his ass, ripped the condom off of it, and managed to get a stream going. I forced him to his knees and he hurriedly suckled on my dick like he was a dying man in a desert. I pissed and his throat and he struggled to deal with the flow but he swallowed and my beer piss just kept on flowing. His eyes as he looked up at me with my cock in his mouth and my piss flowing into his throat – ! I pulled out and pissed on his face and I knew we were making a mess but he didn’t seem to care so I didn’t either. I pulled him up and kissed him and tasted my piss in his mouth and fuck me if it wasn’t the hottest thing I’d ever done. I felt a warmth against my stomach and I knew he was pissing on me and I almost came again, except my piss-hole was already occupied with unloading my golden stream all over him. We pulled into each other and our piss mingled against our stomachs and I knew that we were made for each other.

When finally our streams abated we collapsed against each other and made out tenderly. Jonty took my hand and placed it on his ass and guided my fingers to his still pulsating asshole. The lips felt soft and tender, having just more or less been raped by my steel hard scimitar.

"Let's shower, Baby," I whispered and guided him into the steaming cubicle.

We just washed each other tenderly and kissed some more and then stepped out and dried each other off. I followed him through to the bedroom and he threw me a tighty whitie which I caught and put on. Then we went into the lounge, got some water from the bar fridge and plonked down on the huge leather couch. We just sat there for a while, his head on my shoulder and half lying on me for a while.

"Ok, to answer your question …” 

I'd had no real time to think of an answer but the thoughts had percolated in my subconscious and I knew what I wanted to say.

"I didn't change my mind about the cab driver. When I had your agreement that you would never do anybody, man or woman, again, I felt I wanted to give you permission to suck the driver off. Is that very fucked up?"

Jonty turned with his head still on my chest and looked up at me.

"Nope. That's exactly what I want. I want you to ... to ..." He couldn't bring himself to say it. So I said it for him.

"... Own you?"

"Yeah. Pretty much." He settled back into my chest and picked up the remote but didn't switch the TV on.

We lay there for a while and just enjoyed the silence. All felt right with the world. Everything was as it should be. I quietly nodded my head and the movement attracted his attention.

"Ya wanna watch something ... Sir?"

I felt my cock stiffen. Again.

"Yeah, Boy, you choose."